What's your favorite soap design?

What is your favorite soap design? I like the Japanese swirl inspired art design. Something about the culture and influence really moves me. I also like the heart shaped designs we have in our store. They are a perfect outward expression of love.

Any designs you like or ideas? Send me an email.

What's the deal behind charcoal?

Charcoal Soap. We sell it at our online store. What's behind it anyways? Well, I am hear to tell you that not only does the Charcoal and Shea Soap detox the skin, it also nourishes and soothes. 

Chacoal removes oil and debris on the skin therefore making it a perfect match for acne and oily skin. It is also a popular item to remove red bumps caused by men's shaving. The Shea butter in the soap is known to soothe red skin and psoriasis. The combination of the two detoxes and nourishes the skin on the face and all over...

Another Day in Soap Paradise

Ahh... the smell of old fashioned vanilla soap, one of my favorites. We make our heart shape soap in a variety of fragrances. One of them is a vanilla musk scent. The combination of the sweet and musk scent is just splendid! I love how you can smell the scent from afar. So good you could eat the soap😍.

Why moms and moms to be need to ditch the bar soap!!

If you are pregnant or already have a little one, then remember that store bar soap has tons of harmful ingredients in it that strip the babies natural oils. In addition, if your a mom you need to use gentle handmade soap such as our Teddy Bear Soap that provides a safe cleansing solution.

Why we decided to do beauty without bunnies PETA.

We are PETA cruelty-free. What does that mean? Oftentimes well known brands will state that they don't test on animals. However, they could still use animal by products or use manufacturers that test on animals. Just because a company says they don't test on animals doesn't mean it's accurate.

Our company  went through an application process for both Leaping bunny and PETA. We had our manufacturers sign petitions and researched what we put in.  We don't use any animals for testing or animal ingredients. Our final product is also not tested on animals.